Refurbished M109 Multiprocess MecWash Machine for sale

FULLY FEATURED multiprocess machine with 4 separate solution tanks. Modified in our works to include ULTRASONIC transducers, EXTENDED DRUM CAPACITY to 1000mm deep and ECONOMICAL Gas Tube heating.


The M109 is multifaceted and could be put to work e.g. cleaning, phosphating and chemical blacking all in one machine.




  • Extended wash chamber: 400 x 400 x    1000mm
  • Load weight: <150 kilos
  • Automatic wash chamber door
  • User programmable wash cycles
  • Variable speed basket rotation
  • 4 separate hi-flow heated spray / flood wash solution tanks
  • Rotational hot air dry
  • Oil skimmers
  • In-Line filtration to all tanks
  • Powerful ultrasonics
  • Economical gas tube heating
  • Overall size: 2500W * 2100D * 2400H
  • Electrical power requirement 3Ph 20A 400V
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MecWash precision parts washing machines set the standard for aqueous cleaning, built to last, they use all stainless steel wetted parts.  With the possibility of cleaning, phosphating and chemical blacking all in one machine, M109 is MULTIPROCESS ready.


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Water has the highest heat capacity of all liquids:
The capability for a molecule to absorb heat energy is called heat capacity. Water's high heat capacity is a property caused by hydrogen bonding among water molecules. When heat is absorbed, hydrogen bonds are broken and water molecules can move freely. When the temperature of water decreases, the hydrogen bonds are formed and release a considerable amount of energy. Water has the highest specific heat capacity of any liquid. Specific heat is defined as the amount of heat one gram of a substance must absorb or lose to change its temperature by one degree Celsius. For water, this amount is one calorie, or 4.184 Joules.
- Water is particularly effective in process cleaning because of its heat capacity and solvent properties.
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